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Slovak ski-mountaineering expedition to known and unknown mountains of Turkey, Iran and Armenia. Spring 2007

Where to find Noah’s Arch? The Bible and all other legends from that times tell that it lies at the Mt. Ararat, 5165 m high. Nobody ever found it here and so many explorers tried to look for it the other very similar mountain in this area, the Mt. Damavand, 5671 m high. It lies in the noth of Iran. It is the highest mountain of Iran and the highest volcano in Euroasia. With a bit of imagination the next possible anchor place of Noah’s Arch could be also Mt. Aragats. With it’s 4095 meters it is the highest mountain of Armenia. But neither here the explorers ever found anything. Probably they made some mistake on their expeditions. Maybe they forgot to take the skis with them?

We are not going to look for the Noah’s Arch. Anyways we might be able to find it during our search for the snowcaped volacos peaks during our skitouring. We will for sure also explore the way of life in this exciting and historically important part of the World.

All this you can live life with us starting on 4th of April 2007 throught this web page and Radio_FM.


We will follow our tradition of exploring secret mountains after our Skicordillera expeditions in 2004 (skicordillera.laviny.cz) and 2006 (skicordillera.expedition.sk). This time we will hit the area of Turkey, Iran and Armenia. In this region where the Bible stories meet with the koran legends is not only interesting culture and the way of life but also some great mountains. Climbing and ski descends from this mountains are the goal of our expedition Sacret Mountains 2007.

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